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h8 u Chris Bosh


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This decade: The Lakers are going to fade, and then the Thunder will take over the West. The Thunder will be the Anti-Heat, the Cool.

The narrative: Good vs Evil, Ambition vs Ego, Organic vs Processed, Basketball vs Fame, Homemade vs Store-bought, and (counter-intuitively) the Old Model vs the New. The Heat could become so dominant in 2-3 years time that other superstars have to team up to compete. If CP3 doesn’t join the Super-friends, he will join Carmelo plus one. Continue reading


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Fear the Deer

Anyone notice that Milwaukee quietly took the lead in the series against the Hawks?


– Henry

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Fear the Deer

Any notice that the Milwaukee Bucks have quietly tied the series against the Hawks?


– Henry

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BALLS 10: Another Deadcast

Aaron and Duncan talk the Warriors resurgence, the Wellington wind being a manifestly better cricketer than Peter Ingram, the wide open West in the NBA, Mike Tyson’s reality TV career and some other nonsense.


BALLS 010 by Deadball


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DeadBall Reader

In DeadBall Reader I’m going to throw up a bunch of links of what’s been causing me pause or just blowing my mind. Maybe I’ll (/we’ll) do it every once in a while, if for no other reason than a fuel for spirited conversation with Justin and Dave at the bar.

1. Basketbawful’s Word of the Day: Retired Legenditus, which featured this this little piece of genius (yes that’s trailing behind a plane across the Californian sky):


*** Continue reading

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