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Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

One of the best things about the giant sporting industrial complex is its infinite capacity to surprise and entertain, both in its present form and many folds of its history. I remember commissioning a piece by dormant DeadBall guest poster Mark Tierney last year when Mark Buerhle pitched a perfect game. In that I found out (belatedly, I have to acknowledge) about the no hitter, which happens but once or twice a season. This season’s been notable for the volume of no hitters, as I understand it, but here I’m going to show you a clip about a no-hitter from 1970. The reason it has become infamous is that its creator completed the feat while under the influence of LSD.

Which is pretty fucking amazing, I reckon. Anyway, here it is:

Really nicely put together, right? And just the kind of heart-warming story that makes you reconsider your retirement from psychedelic drugs. I have to thank a DeadBall reader Shayne Carter (NAME DROP!!!) for sliding that one our way. His Mum just put out an Elvis covers record, and he interviewed her about it in the new Real Groove – out Monday. You should read that then buy the album.

– Duncan


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